Aeries Meetings

1st and 3rd Tuesday of
every month at 7pm.
Trustees Meetings

Every Tuesday at
REAC Meeting

Second Thursday of
every month at 4pm.
Auxiliary Meetings

2nd and 4th Tuesday of
every month at 7pm.
Special Events (see the News page for more information!)
Fri. Jan. 4 – Ballroom dancing
Sat. Jan. 5 – Talent show auditions
Sun. Jan. 6 – Country music Sunday
Thurs. Jan. 10 – Punk Rock with Green Jelly Tour
Sat. Jan. 12 – Dance to Swing Shift & Featured Guest Lori Tyler
Fri. Jan. 18 – Ballroom dancing
Sat. Jan. 19 – Talent show
Fri. Jan.
25Dinner and dancing
Sat. Jan.
26 – Tejano night
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